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How to Get Kicked Out of a Gentlemen’s Club and Feel Super Sorry

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Touching the strippers in a gentlemen’s club in Queensland may not get you kicked out because the rules allow them. But other mistakes could get you the boot without question.

Strip Club Un-Etiquette

  • Don’t follow the dress code

Most adult lounges set a dress code that they expect to be followed – shirt with sleeves, short or pants, and covered shoes, for example. If this is specified on a website, make sure to follow it. Failure to do so could leave you at the kerb before you could even set one foot through the door.

A good thing to remember is that you should dress to impress.

  • Get nasty and naked

Strippers may be half-naked or almost nude, but that’s not an excuse for you to do the same. If you take out your junk during a lap dance, you can guarantee a good kick on the backside, figuratively.

  • Don’t participate

Men who go to strip clubs just to watch are like a human being on Mars. You are expected to spend money on girls and/or drinks when you visit a gentlemen’s club so you should participate.

Give some credit to the strippers who are shaking their behind and working the pole.

  • Don’t take photos or record videos

This can be illegal in certain towns and recording in a club may even be considered a misdemeanour. Strippers prefer to be famous within the club and not on YouTube or other sites.

  • Bring your girlfriend with you

This is especially true if a girlfriend or spouse doesn’t want to be there in the first place.

If she doesn’t mind, taking her with you can still have consequences, especially if you get frisky while in the club or when you get a free lap dance from her instead of from a stripper.

  • Be a disrespectful cad

The worst kind of club patron is one that makes rude comments or makes fun of the girls. Remember that they are working for your entertainment and the least you can do is to be respectful and courteous. Otherwise, you will be thrown out the door.

  • Steal from others and strippers

It has been known to happen that other guests steal tips from the stage. Don’t even try it because you will be chased out before you get a painful treatment.

  • Offer to take her out

Strip clubs have specific rules for taking out strippers and dancers. Most of them prohibit this. It’s also bad taste not to leave a tip and offer to take her out to dinner instead.

  • Kiss and/or lick

Any attempt to kiss or lick a dancer is sure to get you kicked out of a gentlemen’s club. You might be disappointed with a stripper’s performance as well because sending a signal that you want to bathe them with your saliva will make them nervous or angry.

  • Don’t tip

Not tipping is worse than not participating. This is especially true if you sit in the front row where everyone is expected to tip a dancer.

Be a great patron and you can bet that your visit to an adult lounge will be pleasurable each and every time.