5 Classic Role-Play Scenarios to Try with Your Sydney Escort

According to a survey, millennials are into role-playing more than ever and are not afraid to explore their deepest fantasies with their partners or with Sydney escorts.

Costume playing or “cosplay” is popular, after all, and those who want to take their fantasies into the bedroom have easy access to costumes of all shapes and sizes.

If you’ve always wanted to role-play in bed but your partner won’t oblige, one of the beautiful Sydney escorts can make it happen for you. And if you already found the right escort, here are five classic role-play scenarios that you might want to try:

The Naughty Nurse

This role-playing scenario tops the list of most men’s fantasies, and it has been a popular role-playing scenario for many years.

You can easily buy a sexy nurse costume for your girl in one of those sex shops or even online, and you can choose from the classic hospital uniforms to barely there nurse-inspired outfits that will surely get you going.

To make your role-playing more realistic, you can even buy accessories like a stethoscope or a syringe. And don’t forget those sexy white stockings to add to the sultriness of an escort’s look.

If you get lucky, you may not even need to supply the costume. It’s all about being straightforward about what you want, and you’ll find the escort that owns her own naughty nurse costume.

The Classic Stripper

15% of the millennials in a survey said that they fantasise about their partner being a stripper, and, for sure, many older gentlemen agree.

This classic role-playing scenario is popular because a lot of men visit clubs to watch strippers wiggle it. Then, they start to fantasise about their partners dressing up as a stripper, doing a lap dance and eventually, satisfying them in bed.

Hire Sydney escorts and you can have the stripper you’ve always wanted for a few hours or a night or two.

The Police

Handcuffing is one of the most popular forms of BDSM, and to complete the fantasy, a lot of men love to see their escorts dressed in a sexy police uniform to arrest them.

You can easily find costumes and accessories for this role-playing scenario, and most escorts have already played this role before, so you can guarantee a spectacular performance every time.

Do you prefer a role-reversal? You can talk about it with your hired escort too. Without a doubt, they’d be more than willing to be naughty enough to get arrested.

The Maid

If you fancy watching porn videos, you’ve probably seen the French maid role more than once. This classic character has been used by a lot of escorts in Europe and other parts of the world because of how men love the look of a conservative maid in a sexy work uniform getting down to work.

The Grey Effect

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without the film that opened up a lot of possibilities in the bedroom, Fifty Shades of Grey.

12% of surveyed millennials said they were inspired by the roles of Anastasia and Christian that they fantasise about being them in the bedroom, whether they have a secret Red Room or just their own room.

Which of these role-playing scenarios tickled your fancy the most?

For sure, you’re now thinking about buying a costume for your escort to wear on your sexy date, whether it’s a classic French maid or the innocent but sultry Anastasia Steele.

Whatever it is that you’re fantasising about, make sure to hire the right escort to really make it happen for you.

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