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5 Classic Role-Play Scenarios to Try with Your Sydney Escort


According to a survey, millennials are into role-playing more than ever and are not afraid to explore their deepest fantasies with their partners or with Sydney escorts.

Costume playing or “cosplay” is popular, after all, and those who want to take their fantasies into the bedroom have easy access to costumes of all shapes and sizes.

If you’ve always wanted to role-play in bed but your partner won’t oblige, one of the beautiful Sydney escorts can make it happen for you. And if you already found the right escort, here are five classic role-play scenarios that you might want to try:

The Naughty Nurse

This role-playing scenario tops the list of most men’s fantasies, and it has been a popular role-playing scenario for many years.

You can easily buy a sexy nurse costume for your girl in one of those sex shops or even online, and you can choose from the classic hospital uniforms to barely there nurse-inspired outfits that will surely get you going.

To make your role-playing more realistic, you can even buy accessories like a stethoscope or a syringe. And don’t forget those sexy white stockings to add to the sultriness of an escort’s look.

If you get lucky, you may not even need to supply the costume. It’s all about being straightforward about what you want, and you’ll find the escort that owns her own naughty nurse costume.

The Classic Stripper

15% of the millennials in a survey said that they fantasise about their partner being a stripper, and, for sure, many older gentlemen agree.

This classic role-playing scenario is popular because a lot of men visit clubs to watch strippers wiggle it. Then, they start to fantasise about their partners dressing up as a stripper, doing a lap dance and eventually, satisfying them in bed.

Hire Sydney escorts and you can have the stripper you’ve always wanted for a few hours or a night or two.

The Police

Handcuffing is one of the most popular forms of BDSM, and to complete the fantasy, a lot of men love to see their escorts dressed in a sexy police uniform to arrest them.

You can easily find costumes and accessories for this role-playing scenario, and most escorts have already played this role before, so you can guarantee a spectacular performance every time.

Do you prefer a role-reversal? You can talk about it with your hired escort too. Without a doubt, they’d be more than willing to be naughty enough to get arrested.

The Maid

If you fancy watching porn videos, you’ve probably seen the French maid role more than once. This classic character has been used by a lot of escorts in Europe and other parts of the world because of how men love the look of a conservative maid in a sexy work uniform getting down to work.

The Grey Effect

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without the film that opened up a lot of possibilities in the bedroom, Fifty Shades of Grey.

12% of surveyed millennials said they were inspired by the roles of Anastasia and Christian that they fantasise about being them in the bedroom, whether they have a secret Red Room or just their own room.

Which of these role-playing scenarios tickled your fancy the most?

For sure, you’re now thinking about buying a costume for your escort to wear on your sexy date, whether it’s a classic French maid or the innocent but sultry Anastasia Steele.

Whatever it is that you’re fantasising about, make sure to hire the right escort to really make it happen for you.

The Best Things Girl-Friends Get from Visiting Strip Clubs in Brisbane

The Best Things Girl-Friends Get from Visiting Strip Clubs in Brisbane

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Getting your girl-friends together is already a difficult task, especially when all of you are busy with your individual responsibilities. That is why, when you manage to see everyone, you should do something really extraordinary—one that women do not usually do. Now, other than shopping, which you have probably done a gazillion times, you can choose to hang out at strip clubs in Brisbane. Not only that these places allow you to have a good time, but they also present opportunities to make memories that you will never forget.

Here are the best things that you and your girl-friends will get from visiting strip joints:

Strengthened Friendships

Basically, you do not need a special reason to take your circle of friends to a strip club. Though a hen’s night is one good occasion, you can actually go any time of the year just to have good laughs and do some catching up. Plus, you are doing this with something a little bit raunchy, which you will not experience every day.

So, when the idea comes to mind, rent a limo, get everyone inside, and go to the club in style. Consider the fun that your group will have. It will be priceless! Sure enough, you will end the night with your friendships intact, even stronger.

Opportunity to Meet New People

Strip clubs in Brisbane are great places to meet new people. Typically, they have a huge pool of clients that are composed of people from different walks of life. From the party-loving college boys to the decent entrepreneurs, there are many people that you can meet, greet, chat, and build new connections with.

Reason to Become Somebody Else

Thinking that you are girls, you might be nervous to visit a strip club. Someone you know might see you there, and it can be awkward to explain yourself. If this is your case, you do not actually need to fret. There is one way to make things more enjoyable for you and your group—dressing up for your night out. For example, you can dress up as your alter egos before you go. Imagine the stories that you will be able to share afterwards!

Friendships are an important aspect in life. While there are many ways to maintain them, there are also other ways to strengthen them in a more unique and enjoyable way. By hanging out at strip clubs in Brisbane, you and your friends can make awesome memories together.

What to Expect from the Best Brisbane Strip Clubs

What to Expect from the Best Brisbane Strip Clubs

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Brisbane is one of the few places in Queensland known for their strip clubs. If you want the best experience for a night or two, you will never go wrong with visiting one of the best Brisbane strip clubs. But what can you expect from such places?

Definitely not something seedy, ugly, and nasty.

In the Best Brisbane Strip Clubs:

Expect to see and enjoy everything

That is, you will have a choice of girls from different ethnicities and skills. Looking for something blond and curvy? How about redhead and feisty? What you want you can have in such clubs. They live to cater to your wants, after all.

The vibe is relaxed

Men might have various reasons for visiting a gentlemen’s club but many just want to relax and unwind after a long day from work. This is why most clubs are designed to provide a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere.

This is also one way for clubs to make money. Because the more relaxed and satisfied you are the more money you are willing to spend.

You can get discounts, great deals

This is especially true if you sign up as a member. Depending on the club, you can get free and complimentary entrance tickets and have access to drinks specials and promo discounts.

Most clubs also offer party packages for when you want to celebrate your birthday or bucks night. These include a private booth, shots on arrival, tipping dollars, and private dances.

You may be allowed full contact

Queensland is one of the few places in Australia where touching a stripper is allowed. In some cases, full contact is permitted. If you find a club that gives you this much freedom, then you know you are in one of the best Brisbane strip clubs.

Just remember not to manhandle or disrespect a stripper. Aside from the fact that they are human, security staff will not hesitate to kick you out if you make any of the girls feel threatened.

Excellent food and drinks

Most high-end clubs offer delectable treats and an excellent drinks list. It’s not a party without them, after all. And those semi-nude or nude women just happen to be the icing on the cake.

Some clubs even have creative ideas in serving their food, like using a woman’s body instead of a plate. What a great way to wine and dine, right?

Inside the best Brisbane strip clubs, you will discover a world that is meant to make your fantasies come true. So how about you visit one tonight?

A Gentleman’s Guide to the Proper Etiquette in Adult Clubs

A Gentleman’s Guide to the Proper Etiquette in Adult Clubs

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Adult clubs, often called gentlemen’s clubs, are abundant in the area of Fortitude Valley. They are places of drinking, dancing and all out fun. However, no matter how joyful the moment is inside the club, proper etiquette shouldn’t be forgotten. Enjoy every gentlemen’s club Fortitude Valley has to offer you with the most decent attitude.

Why is etiquette important when in a club?

Manners make a person. It’s something that people see in you first aside from your physical features. How you act, your character, it makes you whole as a person and that is what you need when visiting a place like adult clubs. Keeping actions in moderation will help you socialize with others and at the same time avoid offending the ladies.

By acting properly, there won’t be any reason for you to attract trouble. Furthermore, knowing how to keep yourself together will pave the way for the “time-of-my-life” experience that you have been wanting to have.

Without further ado, here are some tips on how to behave when enjoying the best gentlemen’s club Fortitude Valley is very proud of having.

  • Learn how to say “No” if you are not up for whatever the stripper is doing and it makes you uncomfortable. It is understandable how every person has their own limits. The girls will never push you to do anything or put you under the spotlight if you don’t like it.
  • Focus on the girls and forget about your devices. You entered the strip club for the purpose of enjoyment. Also, don’t record photos and videos to post publicly. Some places do not allow this and you might end up getting thrown out.
  • Read in between the lines. The body language of the stripper will tell you if they are okay with you touching them. Don’t ambush them with a sudden touch on the leg especially not with a grope. Treat the ladies and the rest of the staff with utmost respect.
  • When in doubt, ask. It’s never a problem to the strippers if you ask them how things work around the club since every club is unique, essentially. It’s better to enquire up front rather than end up with dozens of apologies later on. It only takes one big mistake to ruin a good night.
  • If you plan on bringing a significant other with you, ensure that you don’t make them feel out of place especially during the performance. While jealousy is unavoidable, you can always find a way to reassure them that the strippers are only there for entertainment. This also goes for those going stag but are still committed.

These are only the tip of the iceberg. There are more things to practice that will help you act accordingly when visiting a club. Keep these in mind on your next adventure.

How to Find the Best Strip Club in Fortitude Valley?

How to Find the Best Strip Club in Fortitude Valley?

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Are you excited for your guys’ night out? Eager to step in the club for some fun and entertainment? Hold on just yet. Before you go out to one of the strip clubs in the valley, take a quick moment to check if the place can cut the mustard.

Not every club is the same. Some offer the same thing as others while there those that’s just not worth a shot. Doing a bit of research wouldn’t hurt your chance of finding the best venue for your night out. Take a look at this rundown of qualities you should be looking for.

The Facilities and Amenities

A place is only as good as the facilities that you can find inside. If a place has worn out, torn, or dusty fixtures, you can most likely expect its service to be the same. After all, you enjoy a place with your eyes first.

Check the amenities of the club as well especially if you are not booking for a VIP lounge. What are the complimentary service that you can get? What drinks are available? Will you and your buddies enjoy those? Some of these are posted already on the club’s site which makes it easier for you to find out.

The Ladies Dancing

The entertainment for the night are the ladies that will be stripping and dancing in front of you. This is why you need to put a great value on the faces of the ladies in the club. Are they your type? Will you want to watch these ladies in front of you for the rest of the night? These are only a few of the questions that you have to think about.

The Cost of the Visit

This is the trickiest factor that you would have to think about. How much are you willing to spend for the whole experience. The price of the liquor and the other fees due depend on which one of the strip clubs in the Valley you are visiting.

Narrow down the list of clubs you want to visit according to your budget. You also have to think if the place is worth all the money that’s going out your pocket. If the facilities, amenities, and the ladies be equal to the price, there is no reason for you not to go all out.

Finding the best club to go may be a tedious task at first but it will definitely pay off during the actual visit. A little research may be the key to the best night of your life.

How to Get Kicked Out of a Gentlemen’s Club and Feel Super Sorry

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Touching the strippers in a gentlemen’s club in Queensland may not get you kicked out because the rules allow them. But other mistakes could get you the boot without question.

Strip Club Un-Etiquette

  • Don’t follow the dress code

Most adult lounges set a dress code that they expect to be followed – shirt with sleeves, short or pants, and covered shoes, for example. If this is specified on a website, make sure to follow it. Failure to do so could leave you at the kerb before you could even set one foot through the door.

A good thing to remember is that you should dress to impress.

  • Get nasty and naked

Strippers may be half-naked or almost nude, but that’s not an excuse for you to do the same. If you take out your junk during a lap dance, you can guarantee a good kick on the backside, figuratively.

  • Don’t participate

Men who go to strip clubs just to watch are like a human being on Mars. You are expected to spend money on girls and/or drinks when you visit a gentlemen’s club so you should participate.

Give some credit to the strippers who are shaking their behind and working the pole.

  • Don’t take photos or record videos

This can be illegal in certain towns and recording in a club may even be considered a misdemeanour. Strippers prefer to be famous within the club and not on YouTube or other sites.

  • Bring your girlfriend with you

This is especially true if a girlfriend or spouse doesn’t want to be there in the first place.

If she doesn’t mind, taking her with you can still have consequences, especially if you get frisky while in the club or when you get a free lap dance from her instead of from a stripper.

  • Be a disrespectful cad

The worst kind of club patron is one that makes rude comments or makes fun of the girls. Remember that they are working for your entertainment and the least you can do is to be respectful and courteous. Otherwise, you will be thrown out the door.

  • Steal from others and strippers

It has been known to happen that other guests steal tips from the stage. Don’t even try it because you will be chased out before you get a painful treatment.

  • Offer to take her out

Strip clubs have specific rules for taking out strippers and dancers. Most of them prohibit this. It’s also bad taste not to leave a tip and offer to take her out to dinner instead.

  • Kiss and/or lick

Any attempt to kiss or lick a dancer is sure to get you kicked out of a gentlemen’s club. You might be disappointed with a stripper’s performance as well because sending a signal that you want to bathe them with your saliva will make them nervous or angry.

  • Don’t tip

Not tipping is worse than not participating. This is especially true if you sit in the front row where everyone is expected to tip a dancer.

Be a great patron and you can bet that your visit to an adult lounge will be pleasurable each and every time.

Clubs to Go to If You’re Looking for Some Adult Fun

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So, you and the guys are planning on throwing a stag do for one of your best buds who’s going to get married soon. Naturally, all your other friends (and of course, the soon-to-be groom) will want something fun with a bit of naughtiness in it. What better way to celebrate one’s last day of freedom than in the company of hot, hot women in adult clubs Brisbane has, right?

However, staying in one club isn’t as fun as bar-hopping. If you want to make sure that you show everyone a fantastic time, consider checking out various adult clubs.

Top Adults Clubs in Brisbane

The Candy Club

The Candy Club is one of the top adult clubs Brisbane has. They promise you “a night out you’ll never forget.” They have a large collection of dancers in sexy, intimates apparel, as well as full-bottle service, private lap dances, and food platters filled with scrumptious fares. So, if you and your pals are looking for a great place to start your bar-hopping, then check out this gentleman’s club.

The Grosvenor Topless Bar & Strip Club

Take your stag do to a whole new level by visiting the only topless bar in the area, the Grosvenor Topless Bar & Strip Club. They have practically naked barmaids and waitresses to serve your every whim. Aside from an unlimited supply of drinks, they also have a full menu consisting of starters, like beer battered chips, as well as pizzas, chicken, salads, and more. Basically, they got your crew covered for the night.

Club Minx

Club Minx boasts lap dance rooms where you and the rest of your posse can have private shows from one of the club’s sexy dancers. They also have spa shows, an elite VIP bottle service offering a good selection of beers and spirits, and more.

Love and Rockets

Your bucks party wouldn’t be complete without stopping by one of the famous adult clubs in Brisbane that promises you and your friends an unforgettable time while celebrating your buddy’s last day of singlehood. This club has hypnotic stage shows, mesmerizing dancers, and amazing deals.

B Confidential

From the club’s name, you can be sure that anything that happens there stays there, so you and the guys don’t have to worry about jealous girlfriends. They have party packages for bachelor parties, too.

Make the groom-to-be’s last day of being single a night he won’t forget by showing him the best times in these adult clubs Brisbane has.


The Best Things Girl-Friends Get from Visiting Strip Clubs in Brisbane

The Best Things Girl-Friends Get from Visiting Strip Clubs in Brisbane

Getting your girl-friends together is already a difficult task, especially when all of you are busy with your individual...
What to Expect from the Best Brisbane Strip Clubs

What to Expect from the Best Brisbane Strip Clubs

Brisbane is one of the few places in Queensland known for their strip clubs. If you want the best experience for a night...
A Gentleman’s Guide to the Proper Etiquette in Adult Clubs

A Gentleman’s Guide to the Proper Etiquette in Adult Clubs

Adult clubs, often called gentlemen’s clubs, are abundant in the area of Fortitude Valley. They are places of drinking,
How to Find the Best Strip Club in Fortitude Valley?

How to Find the Best Strip Club in Fortitude Valley?

Are you excited for your guys’ night out? Eager to step in the club for some fun and entertainment? Hold on just yet. Be